Firefighters coming home for Christmas

19 December 2017


Gardnerville resident Rhonda Vega said her Christmas will be complete when her son Darren and her son-in-law Aaron Leising are safe home from the Southern California fires.

Darren is a member of the Salmon Idaho Heli-Rappellers and Aaron went down with East Fork Brush 10.

“Christmas to me will be having both my boys Aaron and Darren home safely and healthy along with all the others fighting this fire,” she said in a note.

Several East Fork firefighters have gone down to fight the Thomas Fire, including Kevin Repan, Kevin Emm, and Adam Wennhold.

Aaron’s father, Nate Leising, is putting together a scrapbook for his son Aaron, who was fighting Southern California fires last week.

Nate and I had a long talk about firefighting in general and the important experience the East Fork crews are getting on the Thomas fire.

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