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Video gallery this as a page that can attract the readers to visit the website and as a reference material for the readers or stakeholders in the effort to preventing a forest and land fire and research forest and land fires management.

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The impact and Countermeasures of forest and land fires in Indonesia

The occurrence of forest and land fires in Indonesia was caused by natural factors such as the larvae of volcanoes and lightning as well as factors of human deed either deliberate with a particular mode and neglect themselves. Impacts related to forest and land fires that is the occurrence of the damage and environmental pollution such as damage to flora, fauna, land, and water.

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JAKARTA — NASA warns that the suffocating haze that has blanketed Southeast Asia for the past several weeks may worsen and become the worst ever recorded in the region.The haze caused by this year’s fires in Indonesia has spread to various parts of Indonesia and has deeply impacted air quality in Singapore and Malaysia. NASA researchers have warned that if Indonesia’s current drier-than-usual weather condition persists, the haze will worsen.Illegal slash-and-burn farming in southern and eastern Sumatra as well as on the island of Kalimantan causes Indonesia to endure annual bouts of hazardous smog.

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Looking for more information on the fires? Be sure to follow the hashtags #BlackForestFire and #RoyalGorge Fire on both Facebook and Twitter.

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Today’s wildfires burn, on average, twice the amount of land they did in 1970. The reason? We’ve been working too hard to put them out.

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Each year we really send smoke hooked to neighboring countries. Yes, the smoke from our forests burn. But why do we burned forests continue? What gives?

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The sensors were tested on fires in Greece, Spain and Israel as part of a European research project.

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Fire in itself is a word that describes loss and hazardous situation. Forest fire is a situation in forest that can leave a forest into a bit of ashes. The forest fires needs to be detected at the earliest so that high damage and loss could be prevented. The objective is to detect the fire as fast as possible and its exact localization and early notification to the fire units is vital. The objective of designing this telemetry project is to detect the forest fire and monitor it online. . Number of fire sensors are employed that needs to be placed at certain distances so that a look can be kept on the entire forest area. These fire sensors detect the area and if at times there is a fire, it will send the signal or the information to the microcontroller. The microcontroller also updates the information on the webpage and also sends a notification on the webpage through the GPRS module that is connected to the microcontroller. This information is sent to the internet by the network of IoT.