International Fire Aviation Guidelines

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Introducing the Fire Aviation Guidelines incorporating the International Manual of Common Rules for Fire Aviation.

The International Fire Aviation Working Group (IFAWG) comprises an international group of aerial fire management specialists who lead and manage the use of aircraft for wildland fire management around the world. This group is made up of representatives from countries and jurisdictions who regularly utilize aerial means in managing landscape fire, including for firefighting. The IFAWG operates as a Working Group of the Wildland Fire Advisory Group (WFAG) of the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR). The group aims to improve the safety and effectiveness of aerial means by sharing information, experience, and resources.

IFAWG joined the preparation, organization, and follow-up of the UNECE/FAO Regional Forum on Cross-boundary Fire Management and contributed to the international consent-based Fire Aviation Guidelines.

In 2014 an Introductory Paper has been published by IFAWG. Starting in December 2014 Draft Part I of the International Fire Aviation Guidelines (incorporating the International Manual of Common Rules for Fire Aviation) are available for screening and comments (see left for download). Please send your comments to the IFAWG Secretariat.

Part II of the Fire Aviation Guidelines: The International Manual of Common Rules for Fire Aviation will follow for review and comments in early 2015.