Research is the process of solving problems and finding facts in an organized way. Sometimes, Research is used for challenging or making the contribution to generalizable knowledge. We may have to find some new algorithms, methods or replicate existing method to against others by proving the facts. Research is done by applying what is known (if anything) and building on it. Additional knowledge can be discovered by proving existing theories, and by trying to better explain observations. Research should be systematic, organized and objective.

Source:  Bung, Mario 1967. Scientific research. vol 1: The search for a system; vol 2: The search for truth. Berlin: Springer.



An Introduction for Students of Forest Sciences of the Regional Fire Management Resource Center – Southeast Asia (RFMRC – SEA) at Bogor Agricultural University

©Johan Georg Goldammer


This paper is based on the chapter Fire Management of the Tropical Forest Management Handbook (Goldammer, 2016). It provides an introduction to the history and ecology of fires in ecosystem of the tropics (closed evergreen forests, closed, and open seasonal forests; fire climax pine forests in the tropical submontane and montane altitudes, subtropical lowlands; savannas and open woodlands; planted forests).

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Integrated Patrol of Forest and Land Fire Prevention in Riau Province

Ahmad Rijal Abdullah1 dan Ati Dwi Nurhayati2

1 Undergraduate Students Departement of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry – IPB

2 Lecturer Departement of Silviculture, Faculty of Forestry – IPB


Forest and land fire almost occur every year in Indonesia. Riau Province has the highest frequency of forest and land fire. One of the efforts to prevent forest and land fire is the establishment of integrated patrols in fire-prone areas. The objective of this study is to analyze integrated patrol activities in Riau Province. Hotspot and rainfall data that have been recapitulated on the basis of the month, presented in graphical form then compared with integrated patrol data. Riau Province consists of 5 Operational Areas (DAOPS), namely Pekanbaru, Siak, Dumai, Rohil, Rengat. The number of integrated patrol in Riau Province was conducted during January to December 2016, but this activity was not implemented every month. Because of the budget is very limited, the integrated patrol are prioritized in the dry season. The highest integrated patrol was conducted at DAOPS Pekanbaru is 253 patrols in one year, while at least at DAOPS Rohil is 40 patrols in one year.

Keywords: hotspots, land and forest fires, integrated patrol