Indonesia Peatland Swap Plan Questioned Over Deforestation Risk

Indonesia Peatland Swap Plan Questioned Over Deforestation Risk


Mempawah facing situation of emergency against haze of smoke

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Pontianak, W Kalimantan (ANTARA News) – The district administration of Mempawah of West Kalimantan has announced a situation of emergency against the haze of smokes with a number of peatland areas having caught fire as dry season began to hit the region.

“The status of emergency will last until June 30, 2018,” acting district head of Mempawah, Gusti Ramlana, said here on Sunday.

Gusti Ramlana said dots of bushfires had been monitored in a number of areas, adding the dry season began only early this month bur the impact is quite damaging.

“I hope the BPPD (local disaster mitigation agency) could give a map of areas vulnerable to forest and bushfires in Mempawah,” he said.

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Inggris Kucurkan Rp40 Miliar ke RI-Malaysia, untuk Apa Saja?

Inggris Kucurkan Rp40 Miliar ke RI-Malaysia, untuk Apa Saja?

By: Ezra Natalyn

Published by: Viva

VIVA – Inggris mendanai proyek baru untuk penanganan kebakaran hutan di Indonesia dan Malaysia dengan nilai 2 juta Poundsterling atau setara dengan Rp40 miliar. Program yang digagas Badan Antariksa Inggris ini disalurkan melalui jalur Program Kemitraan Internasional yaitu untuk mengatasi kebakaran hutan melalui satelit.

Proyek ini disebutkan merupakan salah satu dari 10 proyek baru di dunia yang melibatkan sejumlah organisasi di bidang ruang angkasa dengan total proyek seluruhnya hingga Rp720 miliar.



Asian Games should remain unaffected by forest fires: President

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – Implementation of the ASIAN Games in Indonesia should not be affected by smoke arising from forest and land fires, according to President Joko Widodo.

The 18th Asian Games will be organized from Aug 18 to Sept 2 at the Bung Karno Sports Arena of Jakarta and Jakabaring Sports City of Palembang in South Sumatra Province.

“This year, we host the ASIAN Games in Jakarta and Palembang. I remind you to not let the smoke from forest and land fires arise during the implementation of the event,” Widodo noted during a briefing to participants of the National Coordination Meeting on Forest and Land Fire Control in 2018 at the State Palace in Jakarta on Tuesday.

He pointed out that smoke from forest and land fires will tarnish the image of Indonesia and disrupt flights during the ASIAN Games.

“We have to work hard to ensure that the ASIAN Games run smoothly without any disturbance from forest and land fires,” he stated.

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Jokowi pledges fewer forest fires for this year

The Indonesian leader said he had issued a guarantee of fewer forest fires for this year. (2018).

“In 2015, every time I met with the Singapore and Malaysian prime ministers and they complained to me about the haze,” the president said at a national coordination meeting at Merdeka Palace on forest and plantation fire mitigation on Tuesday (Feb 6).

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Indonesia unveils plan to halve forest fires by 2019

by on 29 December 2017

JAKARTA – The Indonesian government has unveiled an ambitious plan to nearly halve the number of fire hotspots in the country by 2019, in part through the restoration of degraded peat forests.

The fires are an annual occurrence, linked to the clearing of forests for logging and monoculture plantations. In recent years the problem has been exacerbated by the draining of peat swamps, which leaves them highly combustible.

Under the new plan revealed Tuesday by the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy, the government aims to tackle the fires through a two-pronged approach.

First is ensuring that the 24,000 square kilometers (9,266 square miles) of degraded peat areas slated to be restored by Indonesia’s peatland restoration agency (BRG) are not burned. Second is boosting prevention efforts in 731 villages in Sumatra and Kalimantan, the Indonesian portion of Borneo, identified as being historically prone to fires.

In all, the plan calls for the protection of 121,000 square kilometers (46,718 square miles) of land, which, if kept successfully free of fire by 2019, will reduce the anticipated number of hotspots by 49 percent compared to business-as-usual levels.

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Forest, Land Fires Reappear in Riau

Rizal Harahap | 12 January 2017


Forest and land fires have begun to threaten Riau again this week following the increasing number of hot spots detected across the province.

Pekanbaru Meteorology Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) head Sugarin said the hot spots were first detected by Terra and Aqua satellites on Sunday afternoon.