Forest fires: A burning issue for India


The recent years have seen an alarming increase in forest fires across India. According to the Real Time Forest Alert System of the Forest Survey of India (FSI), the number of forest fires shot up to 14,107 from 4,225 between November 2018 and February 2019.


Six-fold increase in forest fires as temperatures rise in many states

By Ishan Kukreti | 10 May 2019


The Forest Survey of India’s large forest fires monitoring programme data shows that there are 192 large, active fires in the country today

As many states face higher than normal maximum temperature, instances of large fires have increased more than six times across the country within this week.


Rain brings relief from forest fires in Coimbatore

By: Wilson Thomas | 21 April 2019


Dampens the rising danger of wildfires after weeks of dry conditions

Another forest fire in Vattavada region

15 Apr 2019


Officials calculate that the fire was intentionally created to delay or prevent departmental action in connection with the Neelakurinji garden. Further investigations are on.

Vattavada: Another forest fire has broken out in the Kambakkallu-Kadavari region near here in Idukki district on Monday.

The fire has destroyed several acres of land. The fire is spreading in block 58 of the stipulated Neelakurinji garden.