Jambi land, forest fires continue

6 September 2017


JAMBI, While the number of hot spots in some areas across Sumatra is declining with the onset of the rainy season, land and forest fires in Jambi continue to break out.

The Jambi administration’s Land and Forest Fire Task Force data shows that fires in the province cover 488 hectares in seven regencies. They comprise Batanghari, Bungo, East Tanjungjabung, Muarojambi, Sarolangun, Tebo and West Tanjungjabung.

One of the task force’s information personnel, Maj. Jasman Bangun, who is also the 042/Garuda Putih Military Command spokesperson, said several fires had been detected in areas across Senyerang district, West Tanjungjabung.

He said the task force was fighting fires in Senyerang using water bombs and through land operations.

“The fire fighting efforts will be continuously conducted until there are no more fires,” said Jasman on Wednesday.

“Two aircraft have carried out 65 water bombings to extinguish the fires. But because of the fires are extensive and on peatland, fire fighting efforts must be continued,” he added.

Jasman said limited equipment and personnel had hampered the efforts. “The fires are on peatland. We must ensure that the fires, which burning far below the soil surface, are fully extinguished,” said Jasman. (efb)

Source: Jambi land, forest fires continue