Rescued skier offers thanks

Rescued skier offers thanks

Staff Reports

A rescued skier thanked members of Douglas County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue for coming to his aid.

“The incredible and selfless work that you do, making a real difference, is something I won’t forget until the end of my days,” he said, according to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

Last week two skiers were reported lost near Mott Canyon, and the search and rescue team was toned out to assist. Searchers located the two skiers around 8 p.m.

Due to weather conditions, they were not able to be evacuated and SAR remained with the two subjects overnight, where low temperatures were in the teens.

“It was a challenging event,” Sgt. Bernadette Smith said. “The rescue was a complete success with no injuries to the skiers.”

Members of Douglas County, El Dorado, and Washoe rescue personnel were involved.

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