The Second Online Discussion “Voices of Forest and Land Fire Control Actors from the Field” ( Suara Para Pelaku Pengendalian Kebakaran Hutan dan Lahan dari Lapangan)


Topic: “Voices of Forest and Land Fire Control Actors from the Field”

Live on Youtube Departement of Silviculture

Resource Person:
1. Ir. R. Basar Manullang, MM (Direktur Pengendalian Kebakaran Hutan dan Lahan, Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan)
2. Prof. Bambang Hero Saharjo (Ahli Kebakaran Hutan Dan Lahan,
Guru Besar dalam bidang Perlindungan Hutan Dept. Silvikultur, Fakultas Kehutanan IPB, Direktur Eksektutif Regional Fire Management Resource Center – Southeast Asia (RFMRC-SEA))
3. Edwin Putra, S.Hut, MSi (Kepala Manggala Agni Daops Sumatera IV/Koordinator Wilayah Manggala Agni Riau)
4. Tri Prayogi, S.Hut (Kepala Manggala Agni Daops Sumatera XIV/ Koordinator Wilayah Manggala Agni Sumatera Selatan)
5. Sahat Irawan Manik, SH, MM (Koordinator Wilayah Manggala Agni Kalimantan Barat)
6. Zulkarnain, SST, MP (Koordinator Wilayah Manggala Agni Kalimantan Timur – Kalimantan Utara)

Dr. Israr Albar (Kepala Sub Direktorat Perencanaan Pengendalian Kebakaran Hutan dan Lahan, Kementerian Lingkungan Hidup dan Kehutanan)

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Riau, South Sumatra issue wildfire emergency alert ahead of dry season’s peak

By: News Desk, The Jakarta Post Jakarta   |   July 2nd, 2020

Two provinces, Riau and South Sumatra, have declared an emergency alert status for land and forest fires as the regions enter the peak of this year’s dry season.


The first Online Discussion “Fire Prevention in the Middle of COVID-19 Pandemic” (Pengendalian Kebakaran Hutan dan Lahan dalam Menghadapi Musim Kemarau ditengah Pandemi COVID-19)

The first Online Discussion “Fire Prevention in the Middle of COVID-19 Pandemic” (Pengendalian Kebakaran Hutan dan Lahan dalam Menghadapi Musim Kemarau ditengah Pandemi COVID-19) was held on 9 May 2020 as an activity of the Regional Fire Management Resource Center – South East Asia (RFMRC-SEA), a regional center of GFMC serving Southeast Asia, in collaboration with the Forest Fire Laboratory of IPB University (Bogor, Indonesia). The discussion among 220 participants from the provinces of Indonesia, Timor Leste and The Netherlands was inspired by three impulse presentations:

  • The forest fire prevention strategy in the middle of COVID-19 Pandemic (Prof. Bambang Hero Saharjo, head of RFMRC-SEA)
  • Current and planning activities for fire prevention in the middle of COVID-19 Pandemic (Dr. Israr Albar, Vice Deputy Director for Fire Prevention, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Republic of Indonesia)
  • The forest fire prevention in the site during COVID-19 Pandemic (Mr Udi Tyastoto, fire expert of the Forest and Climate Change Programme – FORCLIME)

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China state media reports 19 people killed in forest fire


BEIJING (AP) — Nineteen people have died while fighting a raging forest fire in southwestern China and hundreds of reinforcements were sent to fight the blaze and evacuate nearby residents, officials and state media reported Tuesday.


Chiang Mai chokes as fires rage in the north of Thailand

By: Greeley Pulitzer |


Northern Thailand is choking under a toxic shroud and it’s not getting any better. Air pollution across the upper North remains “at critical levels,” in many areas, including some of the main population centres. Authorities are monitoring almost 400 active hotspots in Chiang Mai alone yesterday.


Bad air worsens plight

By: Panumate Tanraksa | March 29, 2020 | newspaper section: News

Toxic haze has reached a dangerous tipping point in Chiang Mai province


The bushfires that have been raging near the tourist city of Chiang Mai over the past few days are heightening concerns for both residents and the authorities with the risk they pose of extreme air pollution, coming on top of worries about the coronavirus.


Sun bear cub saved from forest fire

By: Saichol Srinuanchan | March 10, 2020


RATCHABURI: A sun bear cub has been saved from a forest fire in Chalerm Phrakiat Thai Prajan National Park in Ban Kha district, and is now in the care of a wildlife assistance centre.


Helicopters sent to help combat forest fires in Thailand’s Nakhon Nayok

The Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation deployed helicopters to contain the fires in Khao Falami by using water from Huai Prue Reservoir in Nakhon Nayok
Bangkok (NNT/VNA) – Forest fires continue to ravage Thailand’s central province of Nakhon Nayok, particularly Khao Falami in Khao Phra subdistrict, which is near Khao Yai National Park. Officers have rushed to extinguish the fires and prevent them from spreading into Khao Yai National Park. However, fires have now been detected in some areas of the national park.

Fires continue devouring Thailand’s North

y Greeley Pulitzer

Despite prohibitions on agricultural burning, wildfires continued ravaging forests across Thailand yesterday, especially in the North. Satellite images charting the progress of large fires yesterday morning showed the number of hotspots in the north had risen from 823 on Friday to 1,334. A total of 3,238 forest fires were recorded nationwide.


Ten million riel reward for forest arsonists

The Phnom Penh Post | Khouth Sophak Chakrya |  24 January 2020


The Siem Reap provincial Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said it will offer a 10 million riel ($2,500) reward to those who provide information regarding the suspects responsible for setting ablaze more than 20ha of kranhuong timber forest land in Banteay Srei district.

Department director Tea Kimsoth told The Post on Thursday that more than 20ha of kranhuong timber forest were secretly set on fire on Tuesday evening to lay illegal ownership of the land.

“Our specialist, as well as local authorities and residents in the communities, had been working to protect this forest since 2012. But offenders had burned the land in a blink of an eye.

“I will reward 10 million riel to anyone who can point us to the suspects,” he said.

Banteay Srei district deputy police chief Ros Sisovanna told The Post on Thursday that last year, more than 200ha of the kranhuong forests were completely cleared through burning. However, the culprits responsible had not yet been identified.

“In the case of this forest fire, we suspect that villagers who have houses and agricultural land near the area burned it secretly so that they could encroach on it.

“They must have wanted to expand their agricultural land, but we still have no evidence to present against them,” he said.

Seng Lorn, the chief of the Forestry Administration in the commune who led the operation to extinguish the fire on Tuesday, told The Post that authorities could not immediately gain access to the land due to the lack of roads in the area.

“We spent more than three hours to put out the flames. Because of the hot weather and the shortage in water supply, we don’t expect the burned kranhuong trees to recover until the rainy season,” he said.

Provincial Forestry Administration chief Mong Bunlim said the kranhuong timber forest area in the district covered 2,800ha, adding that the unprecedented fire was caused by people.

“Article 97 of the Forestry Law says that any person guilty of starting forest fires on purpose and without authorisation will face five to 10 years imprisonment,” he said.

Bunlim said the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries would gather residents and relevant departments at the beginning of the rainy season to replant kranhuong trees, which, in turn, would restore the forest.